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Adult Email and Dating Email Lists

$595.00 $497.00

Looking for Adult Dating Email Lists? We specialize in adult dating opt-in email lists – This List contains 60+ Million Records (confirmed) – Includes:
+ First/Last Names
+ Address (city state and zip)
+ Email Address
+ Date of Birth & Gender
+ Recorded IP Address
+ Time-Date Stamps and Website Opt-in Pages.


Adult Email Lists and Dating Email Lists: Our Lists contain 60+ Million Records (confirmed): Includes First/Last Names, Address (city state and zip), Email Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Recorded IP Address, Time-Date Stamps and Website Opt-in Pages. This is an actual opt-in PAID MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIBER list that gives you complete details about the Adult Dating consumers membership. This List is not available for sale ANYWHERE else on the Internet and cost the membership sites tens of millions of dollars in Google AdWords fee’s to generate this list. File Format: .csv (Microsoft Excel) File. This List has been Compressed Using WinRar.