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Ipad Users Email List


Ipad Users Email Addresses contains nearly 114,000 Records!
Includes: First/Last Name,
Address (City, State and Zip)
Email Address
Gender & Date-of-Birth
Recorded IP Address
Sign Up Date and More!

As at Q2 2014, ipad users have grown to over 225million.

Therefore, marketing to an updated email list of ipad users is essential if you are looking to reach this market.

This is an exceptional database of Ipad users.

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Ipad Users Email List: Experience a groundbreaking opportunity to actively email market to our new Apple Ipad Owners Email List. Contains almost 114,000 records. This is an absolutely essential list for anyone needing to market their products to ipad users. It contains a list of ipad user email addresses, ipad users telephone numbers, ipad users first/last names and more.