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Who is the Coolest Guy in the UK
PROJECT: Who is the Coolest Guy in the UK? Who is The Coolest Guy in the UK? Well I don’t really know who the Coolest Guy in the UK is, but I am using this as an example of my VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) and if you are reading this I am guessing you are interested in VSEO, VSEM (Video Search Engine Marketing), SEO or Internet Marketing in general too. I have an extensive experience in search marketing, and whilst I am also good at web project management, I constantly test the latest SEM best practices. I have a kinesthetic learning style so the best way for me to learn is to throw myself in the deep end, make mistakes and learn from them! I still had a couple of domain names kicking around from way back when that I use for my email and the like, so I’ve set myself up with some Coolest eCommerce Development (<<<if [...]