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Who Is The Coolest Guy in London, UK?


PROJECT: Who is the Coolest Guy in the UK?

Who is The Coolest Guy in the UK?

Well I don’t really know who the Coolest Guy in the UK is, but I am using this as an example of my VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) and if you are reading this I am guessing you are interested in VSEO, VSEM (Video Search Engine Marketing), SEO or Internet Marketing in general too.

I have an extensive experience in search marketing, and whilst I am also good at web project management, I constantly test the latest SEM best practices. I have a kinesthetic learning style so the best way for me to learn is to throw myself in the deep end, make mistakes and learn from them!

I still had a couple of domain names kicking around from way back when that I use for my email and the like, so I’ve set myself up with some Coolest eCommerce Development (<<<if you need a contemporary eCommerce web site? Click the hyperlink).

This page is not an accident. It is deliberate, to prove something – that I can actually prove what I say – Legally Dominate the search engines with whitehat tactics! It is simply about what you know and can do.

In an age where trust is hard to come by, it needs to be earned rather than scammed for, so I decided to create this page after a prospect challenged me for it. I told him I can do this and get to the top of the search engines within one week! And here I am! John is the coolest guy in the UK smiley face

You may even be wondering am I the coolest guy in London? Maybe I am, for my VSEO or my eCommerce, but as you can see – out of over 11 MILLION (search engine result SERP) pages served in the UK for the search term, “coolest guy in the UK”, my video and page came up tops!

Now, imagine what I can do for your business!

If you want to my team and I to handle your VSEO or digital marketing in general, then contact me via the contact page, we have a limited space for business categories we want to take on and help their search performances!

Again, since you have checked the 11MILLION SERP, I ask you one more time:
“Who Is the Coolest Guy in the UK?”